When Doris Day was in her early 80s. I toyed with the idea of producing a tribute album for her. No one had done one yet. It was at this time, 2006, that I met Kristi King. I had a place in Palm Springs and I often went to an outdoor venue which featured a good singer. It was a pleasant way to spend a balmy evening. One night she had a substitute who turned out to be a much better singer - more energetic with a better voice. The next day I found out that her name was Kristi King but I couldn’t find that she was performing anywhere else and forgot about it.

On my next visit to Palm Springs, six months later, I happened to see a sign on a club saying Kristi King was appearing that night. After her performance, we spoke and I jokingly said “Hey, how would you like to do a Doris Day tribute album?” She brightened up saying that Doris was her favorite singer.

The CD idea morphed into a live show and in 2011 “Que Sera! Celebrating Doris Day” premiered at a small club north of Seattle. Many gigs followed - at theaters,  resorts, and retirement communities. Today Kristi is renowned for her spot-on interpretation of the beloved actress-singer and she presents it frequently in Palm Springs and elsewhere.

Doris Day had parallel careers as a movie AND recording star. She was at the top in both. Critics believe that her recordings "Day By Day" and "Day By Night" were her best. Here are the entire albums:

"Day By Day":

"Day By Night":

In her movie career, Day began in musicals but as her acting skills developed, she was tapped mainly for dramatic or comedy roles. Here are some songs she sang in her musical movies:

Day was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004, five Golden Globe awards -- including the Cecil B. DeMille Award -- as well as the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and the LA Critics’ Career Achievement Award. She might have been honored by the Kennedy Center or received an honorary Oscar if she had wanted them, but she shunned the spotlight and never sought fame.

Her fans, however, thought differently. They thought she deserved these honors and were disappointed she didn’t get them. Will Friedwald, author of “A Popular Guide to the Great Jazz and Pop Singers” (Pantheon, 2010), said of Day’s singing: “At her very best, she’s worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald, yet she’s never gotten a fraction of their respect.”

Renowned film critic Molly Haskell said, “I think Doris Day is the most underrated, underappreciated actress that has ever come out of Hollywood."